Zen Tara Tea is migrating to Dominion Tea as of March 31, 2014.

At Dominion Tea we are in awe of the impact that specialty tea has had on global history and culture. It is a product that symbolizes cultural awareness, personal connections, adventure, and a connection to the land. We are honored to search the globe for authentic tea and tisane products, satisfying individual growth and curiosity. We chose the name Dominion Tea for a variety of reasons. For us the name symbolizes both global and American history, conjures visions of ships under sail, tea as a force impacting the spread of culture and ideas, and of course the state we call home: Virginia.

We blog weekly about tea and its intersection with history and culture. We share the latest blogs via a number of social properties as well as email if that's the format you prefer. To get a better sense of Dominion Tea, please visit the Dominion Tea Blog to see all of our posts to date.

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    We write weekly about tea, history, culture, and their intersection. We generally post new articles weekly on Thursday.

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    Our Facebook page also allows us to share announcements of new blog posts and share articles as well. Some folks like Twitter, some Facebook, and some Google+. We don't want to judge. :)


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