After seven years Zen Tara Tea has closed its doors as of March 31, 2014. The website, and in principle Zen Tara Tea, are closing so that Guy and Methee can pursue other opportunities that have come to them in working with projects in Thailand and potentially in other tea growing countries. There will be extensive travel beginning the end of April to begin some of the work and the amount of time we will be spending outside the country makes maintaining Zen Tara Tea in the U.S. impractical at this time.

While Guy and Methee are moving on to a new chapter, Dominion Tea is about ready to open its virtual doors. Through chance timing and a shared vision for great tea, Dominion Tea expects to start offering many of the great teas you have come to expect from Zen Tara Tea over the years. Beginning in May 2014, Dominion Tea will be offering customers great teas on their website.

Over the next month we would like to encourage you to sign up for the Dominion Tea newsletter to receive 30% off your first order through July 31, 2014. To get a better sense of Dominion Tea prior to launch, please visit the Dominion Tea Blog.

Past Favorites

  • Golden Yunnan

    This certified organic black tea is harvested from the ancient tea tress of Yunnan, China. Its deeply flavored infusion ...

  • English Breakfast

    The British, black tea, and the preference for adding milk and sugar to a cup of tea all come together in the ubiquitous...

  • Earl Grey with Rose

    The floral aroma of rose petals are the perfect complement to the full-bodied citrus bergamot flavor of traditional Earl...


Other Teas

  • Dragon Well (Longjing)

    Perhaps our favorite green tea and one of China's 10 Most Famous green teas. The name "Dragon Well" refers to both a typ...

  • Genmaicha (Roasted Rice) Green Tea

    Genmaicha is a Japanese green tea that combines late season Sencha tea harvests with roasted rice into a tea blend that ...

  • Silver Needle

    Our organic Silver Needle (also called Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is the premium grade of classic white tea made from only the fi...


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Dominion Tea Blog

What is Earl Grey Really?

Posted Mar 13, 2014 by Hillary

Essential oil of bergamot and a good quality Chinese black tea is all that is in a traditional cup of Earl of Grey. So why do so many Earl Grey’s taste so different and how do you get a really good cup of Earl Grey? In short, focus on the bergamot....

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